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ABC Birthday Parties

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An ABC Birthday Party is a perfect way to celebrate your childs birthday.

Invite 6 - 12 children, provide table and chairs, refreshments and let My Little Shop provide a fun packed afternoon of being creative and crafty!

Each child gets their choice of 2 wooden letters (6" high) in their colour choice as well as a heart and star. We bring our fabulous Button Collection, Gems, Pearls, Paper Designs and lots of sticky stuff. Children then enjoy a few hours of decorating letters and making personalised hearts and stars to take home at the end of the party. 

Prices start from £100 for 6 children, each child thereafter is only £10 each.

The handmade gifts each child will take home has a value of at least £15, which is included in the price quoted above.

We recognise that some children work quicker than others, so there is always a large amount of hearts and stars available for children to make if they have been one of the first to finish their letters. Hearts and Stars are personalised with each child's wording at the party. All this is at no extra cost.

Please see below a recent review left from one happy Mum.

Earlier this month Sandy came and ran a craft party for my daughter’s 9th birthday. I found the whole experience exceptional. I hope the comments below will be helpful for others who are considering inviting Sandy to a child’s party.

The children were aged 7 ½ to 10 ½, all girls. They all totally engaged with the crafts. The youngest children finished quickest, the oldest taking the most time to really consider their projects. I would say that the crafts suited all girls of all the ages equally.

Probably the biggest highlight for the girls was the huge supply of buttons, sequins etc that Sandy brought with her. Apparently this was talked about for days afterwards in every household. None of them has ever seen such an array of beautiful buttons before and more than one parent reported back to me that their daughter had said looking at the buttons alone would have been an amazing party

Sandy did a huge amount of preparation for the party. Over and above what I had anticipated. This meant that on arrival every girl was presented with her own personalised folder of materials. I witnessed each girl’s face light up, having experienced that sense of being important and of having been thought about. It was little touches like this that really made the experience exceptional.

Sandy got the balance right between giving instructions and letting the girls just get on and do it, find their own way. I struggle with adults over instructing children so really liked her approach of gentle encouragement, building each girl’s confidence in her own decision making and creative skills whilst not ever providing a ‘right’ way to do things.

Some of the girl’s were shy, some more outgoing but I noticed that even the shyest felt confident to engage with Sandy. Developing a rapport with a whole group of children is not an easy task, but Sandy did it effortlessly and I was surprised by how much engagement she got from the shyest girl.

The feedback I got from parents was how lovely it was for children to come home with really high quality crafts that they had genuinely made themselves. The letters, hearts and stars themselves were of very high quality, more so than any similar we have bought in large craft stores.

I genuinely cannot think of a way the experience could have been improved. I would happily recommend both Sandy and her parties to any of my friends.

If you are interested in booking an ABC Party, please use the contact from on this website, giving details of which dates you are interested in booking and where you are located. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon! 

(Depending on where you live, there might be a small travel cost added to cover petrol, however this would be fully explained before the potential booking is confirmed.)